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Donations will contribute to Ocean Beach MainStreet Association’s Clean & Safe Program to enhance the community as a whole

OCEAN BEACH, Calif. (September 25, 2020) — A collaboration of the Ocean Beach MainStreet Association and The Peninsula Alliance, the new ‘Friends of OB’ campaign rolled out this Friday morning to encourage donations to continue to enhance the eclectic beach town community. Their initial goal is to raise $10,000 by the end of this year. Donations will fund efforts for a cleaner, safer, and beautified Ocean Beach.

“This campaign will serve as a catalyst to continue to revitalize our already vibrant community of Ocean Beach,” said Dave Martin, OBMA and The Peninsula Alliance board member. “The new project will support beautification efforts in the area, and we hope many will contribute and become a ‘Friend of OB’.”

As a non-profit, the Ocean Beach MainStreet Association (OBMA) relies heavily on special events such as the Street Fair & Chili Cook-Off, Oktoberfest, and numerous smaller events and fundraisers to provide funds to enhance its programs. Due to COVID-19, OBMA has been unable to provide the additional funding needed to enhance their community programs. The new ‘Friends of OB’ campaign encourages individuals and businesses alike for help in enhancing their Clean & Safe Program by becoming a Friend of OB with a tax-deductible donation online. Those who donate will have the option to be highlighted on OBMA’s monthly newsletter as well as on the Friends of OB website.

In 2019, OB’s Clean & Safe Program was able to provide over 20,000 doggy poop bags, 415 stickers were removed, 22 murals were (and are being) maintained, 505 graffiti was removed, and more than 33,800 cigarette butts were removed. The new ‘Friends of OB’ campaign aims to continue this success and more.

“We are excited to gear up for a new opportunity to generate funds and continue our efforts to better our community,” said Denny Knox, executive director of the OBMA. “Our beach town is open. We look to our community of Ocean Beach and to those who love this unique neighborhood to help us by contributing to our Friends of OB program efforts.”

The campaign focuses on three main pillars: Clean, Safe, and Beautification.

Donations to the ‘Clean’ program funds trash removal along Newport Avenue each morning; maintaining and cleaning the trash receptacles as needed; power-washing Newport Avenue; and the MAD schedules and pays for one block of Newport Avenue per month. The OBMA enhances these cleaning services when possible through special event income (which is very limited due to COVID) and through private donations. The OBMA also helps coordinate the removal of graffiti around town and are putting together a graffiti removal task force.

The ‘Safe’ program’s goal is to complement the City of San Diego’s Police Department’s efforts. The Security Team acts as an extra set of “eyes and ears” for law enforcement and property owners and respond to service calls in a timely fashion when they are in the business districts. Security Team helps to deter aggressive panhandling and other nuisance behavior; utilize the Letter of Agency to remove trespassers from private property; assist with directions and information; maintain open communications with police to report ongoing issues; and add a presence in business districts to prevent undesirable behavior.

Donations to the ‘Beautification’ program fund a list of projects to keep Ocean Beach vibrant. Some of those projects include mural projects; artist utility box project; maintaining banners throughout the Newport Avenue and Sunset Cliffs Banner District; holiday banners throughout the Newport Avenue and Sunset Cliffs Banner District; holiday decorations throughout the Downtown area; and continuous maintenance of the cribs and landscaping along Newport Avenue. In addition to the day-to-day elements, OBMA continuously works with the City of San Diego on projects such as trimming palm trees, curb and light post repairs and much more.

For those looking to get more involved, the Clean & Safe Committee Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesdays of each month at 8:30 am.
To learn more about the new program and donate, visit More information will also be available at the OB Farmers Market, which takes place every Wednesday from 4 to 8 p.m. on the 4900 block of Newport Ave. between Cable and Bacon Streets in Ocean Beach.


Friends of OB Supporters

Thank you Friends of OB for helping keep Ocean Beach Clean, Safe & Beautiful!

  • Cordial Organics


    Thank you for all you do!

  • American Home Automation


    We are new company and happy to call OB our home! A huge thank you from the OBMA for the monthly donation.

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  • Buck & Peg


    Thanks for all your do.

  • Karen’s Fine Art


    Thanks for keeping our community vibrant and safe.

  • Gallagher Bolander Smedley, LLP