Become a Friend of OB and Support our Eclectic Beach Community!

Friends of OB is a collaboration of the Ocean Beach MainStreet Association and The Peninsula Alliance.

Ocean Beach MainStreet Association
The Peninsula Alliance

Contributions made to Friends of OB will support the OBMA's Clean & Safe Program with the mission to educate merchants and community members and promote a safe and clean environment throughout the Ocean Beach business districts.

Business Donation

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Individual Donation

Make a tax-deductible donation as an individual here to help enhance OB.

Clean & Safe Projects

As a non-profit, The Ocean Beach MainStreet Association relies heavily on special events such as the Street Fair & Chili Cook-Off, Oktoberfest, and numerous smaller events and fundraisers to provide funds to enhance our programs. During these challenging times we are unable to provide the additional funding needed to enhance our programs. We look to you, our incredible community, and ask for your help in enhancing our Clean & Safe Program by becoming a Friend of OB.

Funds raised will support the following:

The CLEAN in Clean & Safe

  • Power-washing sidewalks
  • Maintaining trash receptacles
  • Graffiti & sticker removal
  • Doggie poop bag dispensers

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The SAFE in Clean & Safe

Our goal is raise funds to have the Security Team in Ocean Beach seven days a week.

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The BEAUTIFICATION in Clean & Safe

  • Beautification
  • Banners
  • Holiday Decorations
  • Landscaping

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Friends of OB Supporters

Thank you Friends of OB for helping keep Ocean Beach Clean, Safe & Beautiful!

  • Cordial Organics


    Thank you for all you do!

  • American Home Automation


    We are new company and happy to call OB our home! A huge thank you from the OBMA for the monthly donation.

  • Hoppy Beer Gear


  • Buck & Peg


    Thanks for all your do.

  • Karen’s Fine Art


    Thanks for keeping our community vibrant and safe.

  • Gallagher Bolander Smedley, LLP